Wednesday, April 29, 2009

46.9 @ 21.1

30+ riders tonight ... longest pace line Ive ever seen when the ride began to break. Watched the break happening again and this time managed to move my way up towards the front hugging the yellow line. I was determined not to be shelled as quickly this time. Feeling pretty good I took a few turns at the front and flicked my elbows at the bottom of a slight hill. I should have been ready for the acceleration but I couldn't seem to push hard enough to keep the last wheel from moving off into the distance. Dropped agian @ 20.5 avg.
While attempting to recover, I dry heaved twice and after the third sprang a fountain of fig bars and cytomax. Amazingly, I felt better after a mouth rinse and managed to get on the back of the next train through. That group slowly broke apart with riders going their seperate ways for home leaving Rob and I to enjoy the tail end of another ' Fight Night '.
I'm not sure if the new high avg. speed is a result of the pro 3 tires I mounted up last night, but I sure did like them. When I arrived back at the lot there was a pretty large group already there, larger than what was in the fast group, so maybe one of the groups took a shorter route back, or maybe I'm just that slow. Oh, max. speed was 35.3.

I think my training is ready for a heart rate monitor if anyone has one they're not using and wouldn't mind selling it or donating to the cause.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Acer and Spruce are Friends

35.8 @ 19.2

Our old friend the wind showed up to the ride, SSW@ 21 gusting to 35. Did some good work, followed Martin around for a bit on the way home to try and keep the fitness level pushing onwards. The DIY gel recipe is buzzin right now ... I'm happy to share what I've learned. Anyone have a 57 - 59cm they want let me ride for Tour de Shampoo-Banana ?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

88.4 @ 19.7 Gusts to 36

Saturday ride complete and I have yet another post-ride headache. We were 17 strong at the start with 7 making the long way home. I finished strong and had nothing for the sprints. The crosswinds were brutal at a steady 26 gusting to 36. 000N road that wasnt a road reminded me of the mountain biking days. With a mixture of scenery, the route provided a nice break from the usual miles of corn, beans, and farmsteads.

On one of the rough tracks, I managed to hit it in such a way as to produce a metal to metal noise that prompted me to stop and see what I had destroyed. Nothing was obvious but now I have an incredibly annoying squeak as the bars are turned from side to side. Yuck it up #cycling, Dent Squealer !!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

36.6 @ 19.4

WildCard Wednesday night ride has been reffered to as 'Fight Night' by a local racer. For me, the fight is to stay on the back of the fast pack once the group splits. I watched the split happening and spent the time I should have been working my way up yelling " let Alexi out !" since he was pinned in on the right a few spots ahead of me. By the time he got out and I felt like it was OK to work my way up, the fast pack had already put some distance down. I had rubber legs once I caught up which was only because they slowed to make a turn. I hung on for about 2 bursts and was promptly shelled. Rob passed and I had enough to latch on and recover. We picked up Luke who had been shelled further down the road and I think Jim caught us too. Was a nice group and we did some good work before I turned off to head home. I think a season of Wednesday rides should be all I need to prove to myself wether or not racing will be an embarrassing waste of time.

I keep forgetting to ask some of the fast guys what avg speed they finish with.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Solo 37.8 @ 19.7

55° with 12 mph from the SE. Tailwind and sprinkles for half of it. The Endura Stealth-Lite Bib Longs worked well. I woke up at 4:40 am and looked outside at rain and went back to sleep. I couldn't unwind from the ride yesterday and realised about 11 pm, when I couldn't fall asleep, even after taking Benadryl, that I probably wasn't going to make the 5:40 am departure for the 18 out, 66 loop and 18 back. Big Jay's badass 66 loop and I will have to meet another day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

77.4 @ 19.5

Finished strong and did some good work with the WildCards. Saddle sore and ready for a nap.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Everbearing Strawberry Starts
Strawberries and Onions

Lettuce and Spinach

Something ate this maple:

Hosta waking up:

Something beat me to the first shoot of the year:

Dwarf Mugo:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A buddy came out to hang on the back of the WildCard ride and snapped a few pics before we left: