Wednesday, May 27, 2009

47.47 @ 20.2

Another Wednesday in the books and they just don't seem to be getting easier. J.B made his appearance to sit on the back and see how far he could make it. After trying to explain the ins and outs of group rides it was time for me to help do some work to pull us out to Monticello. Before I knew it Gene jumps out of line which can only mean one thing .. town sign sprint! I managed to get his wheel and foolishly position myself on the right side near the edge of the road. So when he was out of gas and I should have pulled through carrying my momentum, I was instead stuck between him and the edge of the road. Rookie mistake. It wasn't shortly after the train passed us and I found my place solidly off the back of the fast pack. You'd think I'd figure it out by now not to sprint for the signs untill I'm strong enough to finish the ride with the fast guys. I did my typical two turns on the front and got spit out the back.
At 30.44 miles and 20.3 avg speed I felt queezy and sure enough good thing no one was to my right .... cookies ! I collect myself, regroup, look back and see noone, I was out in the middle of the country and only had a slight clue where I was. Luckily, French was spit out the back and provided nice conversation and the route home once I managed to catch up. I dont know if it's in my head or not but it felt like I worked harder to get the same avg speed. Already missing the pro 3 tires.

Monday, May 25, 2009

19.2 @ 17.5 J.B 's Maiden Voyage

So a friend of mine brought home a sparkly new rig this weekend, a Lemond Buenos Aires. This was a leftover unit at the LBS that he apparently got a great deal on. After some time de-noobing and dialing it in we finally hit the open road. Scattered showers and winds in the 15 mph range meant some work needed to be done. JB had puppy legs on the new steed and had to be reminded a few times to pace and do tempo. A short hall pass from the family meant the route would only see the outskirts of town and back. I'm thinking he got bit pretty hard by the road biking bug. The fit looks good and after some core conditioning he should prove to be a solid rider. On a mechanical note of my own, looks like the pro race 3 tire died on the impact associated with last rides flat. As soon as I got it up to 120 psi the sidewall blew. Bye-bye higher mph avg.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

48.8 @ 20.1

Near perfect weather and winds from the NE @ 8 made for a relaxing setting to the Betenia hammer fest. Mountain biking season and an hour earlier start time took it's toll on the attendence with 3 riders making the start. My legs had plenty of juice for following John B. but John S. had spent 8 or 9 hours the day before in the mountain bike saddle and was hoping for a recovery ride. No such luck. The arrival at Homer lake was with a 20.5 avg and one front flat from yours truely. We returned through town which took it's toll on the avg speed. Good tempo riding and everyone stayed safe. This 8 am start time for Sunday rides pretty much stinks IMO.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

43.6 @ 20.4

Winds from the south at 10 gusting to 25 gave the Wednesday riders a bit of work to do heading out. Somewhere just before Pesotum I heard, "Turn right for more miles!" as half the group had already rolled past the turn. Wasn't feeling too great so it didn't hurt my feelings much to miss the turn. I think we finished our route with 32.5 miles.
French took off for the town sign as I was on the back of the pack catching up with another Mark whom I know from commuting down Bradley. Good to see more familiar faces out there in the pack. The big effort to bridge up the overpass had me on French's wheel with a ways to go. After one good pull the spaghetti I had eatten over 4 hours ago was threatening to make an appearence. I blurted, "spaghetti ! " after flicking my elbows and watched French take the sign. After a short recovery and regrouping our group of 4 did some good tempo after reeling in Don. Thanks agian French for reminding me not to chase that break down too fast. Minus a splitting headache that I suspect was either from a badly placed hat band or this new allergy med, today was a good ride.
I'm looking to play around with my stem length so if anyone has a 110 or 120mmm, 1 1/8", 6° rise they're not using please let me know. Also, still looking for a HRM.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

41.5 @ 20.1

First day back on the dent bike since last Sunday. Weather and work got in the way of Wild Card riding. Good ride today with some familiar faces and a quick pace right off the bat with John B and his new Lynskey TT leading us out. Serious rig envy right there.... At what point do I get to my name on the side of the fuselage too ?

Winds were calm at 10 mph from the N and 56° temps kept things a bit chilly for my taste. Even stuffed a balaclava in my shirt and still arrived with a frozen and red belly. I was out of maltodextrin due to Friday's rain turning the streets to rivers when I went to get some. Still felt good and even took my second ever town sign sprint at Fisher. I especially enjoyed Alex's commentary on todays stage, I hope he caught me destroying the competition at the sign sprint. Once I knew where I was, I opened it up a little and Dan had my wheel and crushed me up the Staley incline where it meets Bradley. Nice work.

I think were going to go visit a few nurseries today looking for some interesting heucheras.

Life is good.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

46.4 @ 20.6

Almost perfect weather and very light breeze for today's ride out to Monticello. Opted not to follow Martin for what was to be a certain pain-filled century. Mom's day brunch isn't something you want to mess with. Pace was brisk and to my liking, legs felt stiff and knees felt crampy ... if thats even possible. I still went to threshold for the stop ahead sign sprint coming into Windsor from the west. Larry rode my wheel in and crushed me at the close.... well played. Good ride.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

54.5 @ 20.5

Winds were steady @ 18 gusting to 28 so there was a fair amount of work to be done going out. A couple of riders just getting back in the saddle for the season made for a bit of a slower pace and a squirly pack. I'm not sure where we went other than we passed Spring Lake and some nice winding country roads. After we turned around and Luke started driving the pace a little the legs felt good so I let it rip a bit. Larry latched on the wheel and suggested we just keep going since no one else seemed to want to ride harder. With no HRM or data I guessed I was running about 70 - 80% percieved exertion. Larry with his fancy powertap estimated I was putting down about 260 @ 28 - 30 mph with the tailwind. Good ride.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden Inspirations

Found dansgrdn in the conifer forum at gardenweb last year, wowowowow.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

46.5 @ 20.1

SSE @ 11. Went to no solid food after 4 pm and I think it paid off. At the point when I was maxed and would have likely begun the dry heave/potential puke cycle, I mostly just felt nautious and that was it. Recovered and latched on a 5 wheel train, we came upon the fast group where a rider had touched a rear wheel with his front and went down. A patched tube and some quick adjustments later we were back on the road, thankfully mostly injury free. After our injured rider broke off for home the pace dialed back up a bit. I decided to make a little run off the front to see how I felt and whether or not anyone would follow and work. No dice and I was quickly swallowed back up and spent the rest of the time back to town hanging on the back. I had hoped the first time finishing with the fast pack would be under different circumstances. I almost ran into the back of Martin after he slowed for an intersection and I wasn't expecting him to. A sideways skid and slight endo and my own little wheel touching incident was narrowly avoided. Looks like one of the nice pickup drivers passing us on a small country road at 50+ kicked up a pebble and tore the skin on my knee. Guess I didn't escape damage free. Ride safe guys and gals.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mine Eyes has Seen teh Beans

50/50 True Italian Roast winwinwinwinwinwinwinwin