Saturday, July 11, 2009

29.5 @ 19

Looked like rain be we didn't care. Loaded up the leaf blower and brooms and managed to find or way downtown to sweep the corners before heading through some showers out to Meadowbrook for a WC ride. Yeah right. Only the diehard PCC folks showed so we headed back to the westside for a nice tempo ride.

JB worked on his stamina and I tried to share what I know about hand positions for getting aero and still be able to produce power. Very nice route today with 1,165 ft of elevation change. I'd like to go back with the good camera and take some pics of some monster oaks out there. For now a rock wall and a couple sxy beasts.

For once he waits on me.

Headin' back downtown later for some more volunteer and picture work at the races. Raining now so with any luck its dry downtown.

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