Sunday, July 12, 2009

40.2 @ 19.8

Perfect weather for the Sunday ride ... gentle winds from the NNE. Only two riders made the line since everyone else was either off racing, helping out at the crits or being lazy ?? I knew this one was going to hurt. John is old enough to be my dad and still made me suffer on the hills. I was all over my gears, in and out of the saddle trying to keep pace. Dropped the chain once on a downshift and discussed the possibilty the chain is too long since it's dropping with the limits set to rub the cage on the little/big combo. Legs took 20 to warm up today ... knee hurt on the outside front under sustained effort. I keep looking for a group ride to sit in and keep finding rides that feel like solo hard efforts. With my eye on the Fat Ass Loop next weekend, I need all the miles I can get.

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