Thursday, July 9, 2009

42.7 @ 19.1

8 or 10 brave souls showed for the Wednesday night ride. Wet roads and a news of a tornado warning near Monticello greeted the riders, all who looked like they were going for a ride on a warm sunny day, except me in my endura stealth lite bibs, waterproof booties, beanie and arm warmers. I specifically asked the reporter guy that was there not to take a pic of me since I'd make these guys look bad.
I never seem to learn my lesson, accepted an offer from Martin to break off and stay near the west side of town for a 19 avg 50 miler-ish. He's uber stongen, even with his 30 miler pre-ride I was sucking wheel for atleast half of our 30 miler. He's really a great pace car, fast enough to hurt but slows for the squirlly stuff enough to allow recovery. I'm amazed at what crappy shape I'm in compared to 4 weeks ago. Left knee achin' on the front and inside today. I probably would have been better served by staying with the group and sitting in for some less intense tempo given my current status. Live and learn, noob. Good times.

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