Thursday, July 30, 2009

47.9 @ 21.2

About 22 riders showed up for another fright/fight/flat night. Did OK and hung with the fast pack untill about the 80% mark agian. What a difference a set of pro race 3 tires and a few wedges make. Felt really good in the legs, short right leg needs more tweaking. Left leg felt fantastic. Also felt supprisingly well without my 1200 cal of maltodextrin to fuel the motor. Got by on two bottles of cytomax mix and ejected the water only bottle on some crater about 30 miles in. It was a snap top Bontrager that leaked and I had no clue where we were and wasnt about to be dropped trying to retrieve a leaky bottle. Good riddence. It's always saftey first around here so I ditched the pos CF water bottle cage and dropped an old school alloy unit in it's spot. Speaking of adding weight, after strappin on the PowerTap last night I lifted the bike by it's saddle and was sad, very sad. I did however cheer myself up by successfully downloading the data from my maiden voyage ... a 30 second little stomper to the end of the block and back. Max watts 678 in my slippers.


  1. 21.2 is a nice avg. Where'd you guys ride? Still peeved that I couldn't get out of work on time, but I did do a quick 10 mile spinner and then swam to burn off the pasta I had for lunch.

  2. Out to Seymour, looped around the west side, even went on the road with that neat old oak, and back in on Kirby.

  3. Nice ... too bad you don't have your 305 yet. I'd like to see that route. :P