Thursday, July 23, 2009

55 @ 20.8

Wednesday nights ride was supprisingly tame. Guessing that was due to the absence of several of the pace drivers. Can't say I was sad about it, managed to keep contact with the lead group for 80 - 85% of the route. Weather was perfect, love the smell of the warmed wheat fields.

Knee was barkin at me pretty good but I decided to try and push it to see what happened. Doc said I was clear for effort and to ramp up slow so I wasn't going to be turning myself inside out for long. Sitting on the back chit-chattin with a familiar face from the LBS I realise the pack is splitting and the town sign sprint train is leaving. This usually means the pack snaps and stays snapped for the rest of the ride. I proceed to make a full out effort to bridge and manage to max myslef out long before I ever see the sign or the back of the group. Managed to bridge after they slowed, just in time for the pee break. Great.

Easy pace and a nice tempo into the latter half, untill I think it was Karl decides to interval off the front and before I know it were back to 23 - 26. Suffering. Pushed myself pretty well and hung with the fast pack long enough to have a clue where I was ( Eastside Urbana ). 21.1 average as I rolled into the outskirts of town. Good ride.

Looking to buy a pre-loved PowerTap with wheel and head unit for under $500. Yeah right, I know. Those things only happen when I turn my back on ebay at just the right time, which seems to happen with amazing accuracy. Gatorskins should arrive soon and then the leadcases are banished to the commuter where they belong.

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  1. Something like these are what I was telling you about last night: