Saturday, July 25, 2009

60.8 @ 20.1

Low 70's and wind in the teens meant the dozen or so Saturday riders had some work to do getting out to Monticello and eventually Lodge Park and back in on the west side of Champaign. I felt pretty good and managed to get on Larry's wheel for an early leadout to the Monticello sign sprint. Luke played it very well and powered around me in the last 15 yards or so. Martin, John and Larry were very strong for the last half and Time Trialed off the front leaving a group of 4 to do some nice tempo work back to town. Very scenic and hilly ride today, even amidst all the pain from effort I found a way to really enjoy this one.

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  1. Hope some of y'all will either ride and/or volunteer at CU across the prairie 8/15... looks like lunch will be served by Minneci's.