Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Jay's Fast Century

Rolled in with the fast pack at 4:34 showing 101.85 miles @ 22 mph average. First lap I followed Larry the bent rider off the front and did a 23 avg ... felt like motorpacing, very strong rider. Luke was looking really strong for his 100 mile TT but flatted before mile 10.

Body felt pretty good but I was having issues with my gel being tasty enough to want to eat under effort. I might be ready for another flavor or someting. Jay handed me a pack of sport beans at mile 85 or so and they were just what I needed as I was feeling like crap. Missed a turn at mile 90 or so ... not sure how, the course was very well marked. 100 miles was my firm goal with 200 being the soft goal. Gotta have something to work towards, right ? Thanks to Jay and those who put the event on, your efforts are much appreciated.

There goes Larry for another loop. I told him I was gonna blow myself up at the end of the 4th lap since I was done. He asked if I wanted some competition and proceeded to destroy me. Hehe ... hope I see ya around .. maybe one day I'll be ultra material. Oh and his riding partner said they are planning to do back to back doubles this weekend. Hardcore.

5:45 in the pits:Ready to go:
Larry practicing the fine art of tubular removal and mounting with :15 till line up in his slippers.

Sneakin' in a nap?

Morning person:


  1. Makes me want to get me a light bike and do some looong rides.