Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bike Inspection

Status: Flogged

Inspected the race bike to find these scratches on the bottom side of the fork. I assume its from bits of gravel stuck to the tires trying to pass through the small gap between the tire and the fork. No threads showing on close inspection so I'm not going to worry about it. I learned enough in the last fork fiasco to know people in the industry I talked to weren't that concerned untill threads were showing in scratches.

And a detail shot of the business side. I've got leaky bottles and the drips are accumulating into a super glue like substance that is impervious to everything I've rubbed it with. Probably means I'll be stripping the frame down this winter with some laquer thinner or acetone and going naked. Woohoo!

I also needed to clean up the guides and slather copious amount of grease in there to ensure I get a snappy shift, especially when I'm about to get dropped.

Dropped, yep, that's my prediction for tonights ride with the WildCards.

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