Friday, July 3, 2009

Bontrager Hardcase Fail

Went for a relaxing ride in the wonderful weather with a buddy to go see if I could get this Velocity wheel tensioned and loctite the spokes. Mission accomplished after a nice little run-in with some rebar sticking out of Green street, eastbound, just before the place that makes the killer calzones.

Sliced right through the tire. Luckily I had a dollar with me and used it to boot. Guess they aren't so hard. I've nuked enough of these tires in the last two years I think I'm going to look at a another brand just to see... maybe some gatorskins or armadillos. This one also has at least one section where the material wrapping around the bead and attaching to the outside of the tire is coming apart. Wonder if contacting Bontrager directly would yeild any warranty fruit, the cycle shop wanted nothing to do with it. To be fair, I didn't specifically show the friendly shop guy the material seperating part, just the complete failure of the kevlar part. :sadface:

Oh and the right shifter stopped working ont he way home, I really hope its a shredded piece of cable in there.

Took a bit of a loop for a good cause and wound up with 35 for the day. The cycling talent in the area has apparently really improved in the past few weeks.
Ride safe out there, watch out for the rebar and tire eatter sewer drains!
Update: Right shifer ate another cable right where it exits the shifter. 9 speed right side Tiagra shifters are cable eaters. I've already sent one of these back to Shimano, I guess I need to e-mail them and see what to do. Ugh, Looks like I need a spare right 9 speed shifter now too. Something about anything but Tiagra sitting on the rack at work sits uneasily.


  1. That sucks. FWIW, I've put 5,000 miles on my hardcases without a single flat.


  2. show off ! You're gonna flat now :)

    And why do blogspots comments never work the first time? Sucky.