Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lemond Wedges

Still on my journey with knee pain and a few hundred miles down the road after my fitting I decided it was time to go back and see what Larry could do. Martin has suggested on more than one occasion that my short right leg/knee pain could be addressed with a Lemond wedge or a longer spindle on the pedal. Not wanting to change from Look to Speedplay I opted for the wedge route first. After some angle measurements of my feet Larry set me up with the wedges. I must have had stage fright since I forgot which leg was actually short 5mm and he set me up conservatively untill I found out which one it was.

Proceeded to do a 20 mile flogger into a 15 mph cross wind and the right leg went to sleep after mile 1. Left leg, the problem child, felt the best it's felt in recent memory. Managed to get back in the shop before Larry went home for the day and confirmed it was indeed the right leg that was short and to please fix the right leg now. A few tweaks later I was back on the road and headin for home to mow the lawn before dark.

Isn't it funny how you dont realise how important something is untill it's gone ... like maltodextrin. Somehow I forgot to resupply and after calling my favorite brewing supply place and learning the order I placed two weeks ago still hasnt gone in, I orderd a 50lb bag from the internets. So, if anyone is interested in splitting the bag it's $30 for 25lbs. I already had one person express interest so it may not be available but thought I'd toss it out there for next time. Meanwhile I'm left wondering how I'm going to manage to get enough calories in for my riding untill the malto arrives. I dont seem to be able to eat solid food under effort and tend to be really queezy afterwards. Maybe I'll just lose more weight to make up for the extra powertap weight I'll be strapping on the steed this week. THATS RIGHT, POWERTAP ARRIVES THIS WEEK !

Hope the rains stays clear of Seymour, I really want to do this TT today.

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