Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Chiropractor said I adjusted well and pushed right on the spot that hurt, just like she always does. Said something about SI sacreal something or other and fixed me. For anyone sufering with pain and doctors have told you to deal with it and want to prescribe pills, Schwartz Chiropractic Center may be your ticket. Applied Kinesiology with her chiropractic adjustments have been key to keeping me active. She will press the points she adjusts and tests them untill your body tells her its right. It's one of those things that seems like quackery but makes such a difference. The body is an amazing machine. Still sore but the shooting pain stuff is gone.

Changed the rear shifter cable and housing. Cut off wheels suck for cable housing because the heat melts the inner and outer plastic. Cleaned the drivetrain and derailleurs. Race wheels, spare tires, tubes, tools, etc. prepped for Saturday. I'm already making my alliances for the 19 mph avg pack.

Added the IDOT bike map to the links, looks like a good resource.

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