Wednesday, July 29, 2009

R.I.P Blue Heron

******** Warning, these pics are graphic ********

This morning on my way to work in my super polluter I passed by a Blue Heron laying on the side of the road, partially in the lane, that looked to have been hit by a car. My gut instinct told me to go back and see if it was alive. He lifted his head and tried to move but was in bad shape with trauma to the left side of his body and an obvious broken leg and damaged wing.

I was absolutley amazed by the amount of disregard for a person in the turning lane of a residential area waving trafic over to the next lane with a car clearly in their way and its hazzard lights on. A Hicksgas van driver and an old man were especially oblivious passing within inches of me, seeminlgy daring me to stay where I was. Classy. Hicksgas driver was scowling at me as he rolled by.

There were several ATT linemen who later assisted by placing their truck behind the heron and putting cones down the lane. I think he felt sorry for me, I was clealry frustrated by the idiocy of the drivers. They were very helpful finding numbers to call in their phonebook and even went as far as calling some personal contacts who might know a DNR person.

We called the DNR who were not open untill 8:30 and had no means to leave a message, Animal Control and were told they were not open untill 2, Public Works who had dispatched Animal Control and finally 911 to see if we could be patched through to a DNR officer on call or if maybe a police officer could control traffic to keep it from being run over agian which would allow us working class folks to get to work.

Later on in the day I called the Wildlife Clinic to see if there was a status. I learned due to a fractured leg and wing and the Heron being a fragile species it was euthanized. R.I.P we gave it our best college effort.

On the bright side, I have a big box with a PowerTap wheel waiting for me at home. Maybe this means it wont rain for the Wednesday ride since I'd prefer to stay home and play with my new toy.

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