Friday, July 17, 2009

Rush Hour Casualty

Bump drafting went horribly wrong ?

I've noticed the intensity level being higher around 8 and 5 on the roads.

I can't imagine what this cyclist was going through as he was pinned.

Wish we knew more details and I hope he makes a full recovery.

Looks like another cyclist that was hit earlier this week has died, alcohol was involved in the collision.

My sympathies to George Weisiger's family.

Ride and drive aware out there in the concrete jungle !


  1. Duly note that *both* accidents involved riding on sidewalks... really horrible. Monday the McDonald's exit kiddo was reported to be in stable condition. It ain't right.
    Hmmm.... p'raps it's time for some creative "signage" at that part of Kirby so drivers will at least slow down. It's a horribly designed area for traffic - you really *can't* see.