Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smells Like Data

21.3 @ 18.4 for the real maiden voyage. Took it pretty easy and opened up the power on the overpass at the beginning and end of the ride. Besides weighing a ton, I really like this thing.


  1. What a weird plot. If it were a little less cluttered I might be able to make more sense of it.

    Did you get a whole new wheel, or did you build the hub into an existing wheel?


  2. There's an option to deselect each data type at the bottom which I found to be very helpful in starting to make sense of the mess. I bought the hub already in a wheel. Cadence isn't showing sections I coasted. And I highly doubt I put 876 watts down.

  3. Once you get familiar with Power Agent you need to get Training Peaks it is significantly better if you want to track data historically.