Sunday, July 5, 2009

Solo 51.7 @ 19.4

For the second morning in a row I woke up to see wet roads for the WC ride and went back to sleep. Rolled out about 11:30 to NE winds @ 13 that felt like 20. Bike handling skills and fitness are out the window. On one of the three occasions I left the road I hear road to rim contact climbing back on. After stopping to inspect the rims I notice a small crack in the front Vector Pro where the spoke meets the rim. I think this is 5 for 5 on something breaking on a ride. Crap. I nearly went down on one of the road leaving incidents. Crosswinds + momentary distraction + noob like bike handling skills == off on the shoulder and nearly going down gettin' back on. Ugh.
Knees felt good, took 15 miles to get the left one flowing. Solo rides are tough to stay focused on stuff other than the effort. Was a good ride minus the mechanical and noob skills, did some decent tempo and felt pretty strong at the end.

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