Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Flat Night

I should have known my ride was doomed. Arrive home to find my freshly mounted spare rear wheel had a flat. The good one is prepped for sunday with a super flat prone po race 3. Went looking for my kit and found it still damp in the washer from the night before. Ok, changed the tube, washed the kit and were off. A large pack with a healthy noob contingent meant I spent the first 5 miles on the back giving the new to group rides orientation. Several of them were on their second and third group rides ever. Safety first was my motivation and they seemed appreciative.
The ride heated up pretty quick, they guys are really strong right now. I was just settling in the line after orientation when I realise my rear is agian flat. I waved the group on not wanting to spoil the pace. After I got back on the road I was completely lost as I usually am on these rides. Focusing on all the group ride aspects and staying safe doesn't afford much time to memorize landmarks in the sea of corn and beans. One of the new guys who was dropped had turned around so I rode with him for a while untill a group of three passed that looked to be holding a good pace so I turned around and asked if I could ride in with them. Maybe 6 miles later I see a few teammates and joined on with them for some good tempo work back to town.
Knee feels funky on the front and outside. Due to having only one wheel sensor magnet I have 0 data for the ride. I can tell you one thing though, it feels like the beginning of the end of my amature racing career.

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