Wednesday, September 30, 2009

39.6 @ 21.1

Last Fight Night of the season saw two of it's strongest riders teamed up on a tandem. Luke and Jay proceeded to throwdown a hellava leadout nearly dropping me in the process. I hung tough and managed to take third at the sign just barely edging them out. Stayed on with the fast pack long enough to watch Alexi go from dfl to winning the sprint into Champaign which is really saying something since he was battling Sean for it ( second place in the TT series ).

Avg speed rolling into Burwash was 23 mph for around 30 miles.

Been a great season of rides, I saw my riding skills and overall fitness improve and met many great people and even took a town sign sprint or two.


Monday, September 28, 2009

44.6 @ 17.6

Easy spinner for a recovery ride yesterday. Winds from the SSW @ 12 made for a bit of effort here and there but otherwise a lovely ride in the drying fields of central Illinois. Fall is here and the trees are already hinting at their upcoming splendor. Wont be long before it's time to break out the clear ski goggles, windproof balaclava and schwalbe winter marathons.

I guess I need to actually put some effort towards figuring out why the PowerTap head unit is reporting a lower avg speed than the data file, this ride the head unit said 16.3 avg mph.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Century in the Mist

Alexi, Thomas and I headed to Mahomet from West Champaign in hopes of getting a century in. I forgot to turn the computer on for about a mile and a half, woops. Decent and lively bunch this morning for a chilllllly and misty ride. I spent much of it wishing I hadn't left my windbreaker at the start point. Thank goodness for the craft windstopper shirt, it was the difference for me between being chilly or cold. Threw a break with a mile to go and got reeled in by Big Jay and Betinia.

El Pistolero and the gang:

I really, really, really like riding in the mist. Beer rental return:

We kept it about 20 - 22 untill the hills, some decent climbing to be had today.

Hooligans in spandex:
Alexi's sweet new ride:
Trusty, capable, supple, faster than I am:
Bike Friends:
I took a turn onto a gravel road a tad hot and watched my front wheel sliding out to the left on a right hander. Slow motion kinda too, berfor I knew it I had unclipped and managed to get the right foot down and did the hop, hop I hope I dont fall dance step. Kept the shiny side up, sooooo thankful. Note to self: go slower than I think I need to when turning onto a freshly pea gravelled road. I think thats the second time I've almost eatten it like that. Otherwise, a good and safe ride.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

36.9 @ 20.8

Well, it finally happened. Luke put out an effort, I grabbed the wheel and proceeded to unpack my suitcase of courage right there on the road and took the town sign sprint. I might actually be getting strong in addition to the big guns not being present. Rode well tonight using my nose breathing technique through the swarms of bugs. As Alexi and I we're sitting on the back planning an attack, I noticed Luke going off the front apparently reading our minds. I went from dfl, bridged up and managed to stay alive in a break with Gene to finish at the front. Twice in a row ? You guys are gettin soft.

Big Jay was not to be outdone by last weeks retro effort:

We went swimming in bugs, it felt like it was raining.

Life is pretty good back here: Random:

Good ride. Only one more left in 09 !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cerevellum - Buzzers Beware

Welp cagers, the days of anonymous buzzing, finger waving and bump drafting may be drawing to a close. This little gadget may be a real possibility for many riders, like myself, who are very tired of being buzzed and treated like a second-class citizen on the roads while riding a bike. I wonder if anyone in the C-U area has approached law enforcement about 3' infractions, with our without video proof. I certainly would have liked one while being buzzed by a suv last Saturday as I cycled as near as practicable to the curb. I wonder if the Sheriff following as the next car behind would have wanted to see the footage had I asked him to enforce the laws. Maybe he didnt know it was a law. He gave me more than three feet when passing, possibly as a result of being startled watching a motorist pass very closely to a cyclist directly ahead ?
My favorite part of that particular exchange was after being buzzed by the suv I used my left hand and pointed to the left with three fingers out. suv driver immediatly points right and manuevers abruplty towards the right curb as if to attempt to reinforce his authority. Point taken, you think you own that section of road we shared. Apparently the sheriff following directly behind us agreed with you. Without video we get to play the lovely he-said-she-said-you're-a-scofflaw-cyclist- game. Good times, stay safe out there.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

41.6 @ 18.8

Temps in the mid 60's and mild winds set the stage for a misty and at times soggy and fantastic spinner on the westside. After waking up for the WC ride and seeing rain on the doppler I opted instead to wait until later in the afternoon to get some miles. I really enjoyed this ride, the misty conditions make the otherwise boring fields seem like I'm riding any other place but here. Took one of those wake-up-and-dont-know-where-you-are naps afterwards. Life's good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

35.5 @ 22ish

I dont know how but somehow Thomas and I survived in a break. Tonight I was a fast guy. I took second at the town sign sprint to Luke who was observing retro day. In my defense, it was into a setting sun and I had no clue where the sign was. Noob. Well played Mr. Retro.

Felt good and mildly strong and have no data since I was still in fast mode. As a probably unrelated side note, I drove to the start for the first time and wondering if it played into me having enough gas int he tank for the larger efforts towards the end. hrmmm

Weird. Good weird.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final TT for '09: 10.85 miles in 26:08

Mid 70's wind ENE @ 3 ... this is the best it's gonna get with the rig (engine included) I have. Had a bitter wet burp lingering almost the whole time. Went data-less opting for the rolf rear wheel. I felt pretty good but was missing my numbers as a motivator. Although, I may have been too excited seeing 24.9 mph avg and played some mind tricks on myself causing a reduction in effort. Either way, I'm happy with the result since my goal for the TT events was a 24.5 avg.

After a decent sprint on launch I went directly to the invisible aero and saddle forward position. I'm thinking this may have hurt my time a bit since going out is downhill a bit and I could probably stay back on the saddle and just hold the hoods and reserve the chode-murdering forward on the saddle position for hills and after the turnaround. Either that or I need to do more time in the forward on the saddle and invisible aeros since I was pretty uncomfy by the end. Maybe adding another pair of padded shorts will help. The effort was good enough for 14th place with the fastest naked guy (Stone Pony) slaying my speed by 1.66 mph ... might as well have been 166. 'Druber laid down 28.85 mph ... ouch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

46.6 @ 20.7

Perfect weather, got shelled about 4 miles from home. Solid effort for me since the fast guys were there. One of these days I'll finish with them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quads of steel and tears of ice.

Ran across this NPR interview with the author of Up in Alaska Jill's subarctic journal , which is one my favorite stops on the interwebs.. Pretty amazing athlete and writer.

Shine up the studs kids, wont be long now.

Some fruit from the local mailing list - so simple and useful, tie-down straps from old inner tubes

Friday, September 4, 2009


Got some good solo work done out in the paradise of road cycling that is west of Champaign yesterday. It's been a busy summer for me so I'm enjoying the chance to do mostly whatever I want without a timeframe for productivity. I learned today that lactic acid is my friend and am thinking love shouldn't hurt so bad.

Did some errand running by bike with a car-free friend. Managed to swoop in on the last 4 slices of Dels and savor them among the next generation of movers and shakers on the quadrangle. Finished off the errands and enjoyed a pint of the Port Brewing HOP-15 at Crane, solid beer for a solid day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

52 @ 21.6

I'm either getting faster or these guys are gettin slower. Granted, many of our heavy hitters were absent but that's no reason I should be taking third at sign sprints on Wednesdays. Somehow found myself in a three man break and after reeling in an attack with Thomas on my wheel I found a rhythm and stuck around to do some work. Actually managed to push it a little at the end for a solid second place performance. Weird, just weird .... people must be tapering or tired from TT'ing yesterday. Good ride made even better by the stellar performace of my new Craft Wind Stopper shirt. Gettin nippy out there when the sun goes down.

Seymour TT #2 - 23.3 MPH

Fairly consistent conditions and similar to last week but without fast tires. I wanted to see how much slower I was on gatorskins, not sure if it was the rubber or the motor but I was about a full second slower. Went to the invisible aerobars after skidding into the turnaroud which was into the wind and up hill for the 5.42 mile return. I tried to stay far forward on the saddle and over the pedals, it seemed to help as I could keep the watts and speed up and consistent. Maybe next season I'll pick up a set of dented... err dimpled aerobars and get serious. I had some liquid with me this time and it really helped to wet my mouth but it also added stuff to burp up, only thought I might puke twice.... musta been where that other second went. This effort landed me squarely in the middle of the pack and up with some of the fast kids with no aero gear. Once again thanks to the volunteers !