Wednesday, September 23, 2009

36.9 @ 20.8

Well, it finally happened. Luke put out an effort, I grabbed the wheel and proceeded to unpack my suitcase of courage right there on the road and took the town sign sprint. I might actually be getting strong in addition to the big guns not being present. Rode well tonight using my nose breathing technique through the swarms of bugs. As Alexi and I we're sitting on the back planning an attack, I noticed Luke going off the front apparently reading our minds. I went from dfl, bridged up and managed to stay alive in a break with Gene to finish at the front. Twice in a row ? You guys are gettin soft.

Big Jay was not to be outdone by last weeks retro effort:

We went swimming in bugs, it felt like it was raining.

Life is pretty good back here: Random:

Good ride. Only one more left in 09 !


  1. Nice job! I was quietly cheering for you from about 50 yards back. Puzzled as to your avg speed. I hit a personal best last night at 21.5 (shoulda been 21.6 but stop lights on the way up Mattis messed me up.) You only hit 20.8 and you beat me over the bridge and scooted down Old Church.


    Must be that damn powertap! :)

  2. Yeah, I dont know why but it was showing me 18.3 avg at the end. Maybe I was reading it wrong but when I got home it said 20.8. Hrmmss.

  3. So, were you going fast enough to kill the bugs?
    My problem was I got plastered with 'em on the commute... but they didn't die, so they flew off when I got in the house. UCK.
    Here's to dfl-to-front :D :D

  4. Pretty sure there were bug fatalities. You know, you could brush, shake, stomp, dance before going in the house. :)