Saturday, September 26, 2009

Century in the Mist

Alexi, Thomas and I headed to Mahomet from West Champaign in hopes of getting a century in. I forgot to turn the computer on for about a mile and a half, woops. Decent and lively bunch this morning for a chilllllly and misty ride. I spent much of it wishing I hadn't left my windbreaker at the start point. Thank goodness for the craft windstopper shirt, it was the difference for me between being chilly or cold. Threw a break with a mile to go and got reeled in by Big Jay and Betinia.

El Pistolero and the gang:

I really, really, really like riding in the mist. Beer rental return:

We kept it about 20 - 22 untill the hills, some decent climbing to be had today.

Hooligans in spandex:
Alexi's sweet new ride:
Trusty, capable, supple, faster than I am:
Bike Friends:
I took a turn onto a gravel road a tad hot and watched my front wheel sliding out to the left on a right hander. Slow motion kinda too, berfor I knew it I had unclipped and managed to get the right foot down and did the hop, hop I hope I dont fall dance step. Kept the shiny side up, sooooo thankful. Note to self: go slower than I think I need to when turning onto a freshly pea gravelled road. I think thats the second time I've almost eatten it like that. Otherwise, a good and safe ride.

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