Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cerevellum - Buzzers Beware

Welp cagers, the days of anonymous buzzing, finger waving and bump drafting may be drawing to a close. This little gadget may be a real possibility for many riders, like myself, who are very tired of being buzzed and treated like a second-class citizen on the roads while riding a bike. I wonder if anyone in the C-U area has approached law enforcement about 3' infractions, with our without video proof. I certainly would have liked one while being buzzed by a suv last Saturday as I cycled as near as practicable to the curb. I wonder if the Sheriff following as the next car behind would have wanted to see the footage had I asked him to enforce the laws. Maybe he didnt know it was a law. He gave me more than three feet when passing, possibly as a result of being startled watching a motorist pass very closely to a cyclist directly ahead ?
My favorite part of that particular exchange was after being buzzed by the suv I used my left hand and pointed to the left with three fingers out. suv driver immediatly points right and manuevers abruplty towards the right curb as if to attempt to reinforce his authority. Point taken, you think you own that section of road we shared. Apparently the sheriff following directly behind us agreed with you. Without video we get to play the lovely he-said-she-said-you're-a-scofflaw-cyclist- game. Good times, stay safe out there.

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  1. That gadget just made it to the top of my Christmas wish list. Nice find!