Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final TT for '09: 10.85 miles in 26:08

Mid 70's wind ENE @ 3 ... this is the best it's gonna get with the rig (engine included) I have. Had a bitter wet burp lingering almost the whole time. Went data-less opting for the rolf rear wheel. I felt pretty good but was missing my numbers as a motivator. Although, I may have been too excited seeing 24.9 mph avg and played some mind tricks on myself causing a reduction in effort. Either way, I'm happy with the result since my goal for the TT events was a 24.5 avg.

After a decent sprint on launch I went directly to the invisible aero and saddle forward position. I'm thinking this may have hurt my time a bit since going out is downhill a bit and I could probably stay back on the saddle and just hold the hoods and reserve the chode-murdering forward on the saddle position for hills and after the turnaround. Either that or I need to do more time in the forward on the saddle and invisible aeros since I was pretty uncomfy by the end. Maybe adding another pair of padded shorts will help. The effort was good enough for 14th place with the fastest naked guy (Stone Pony) slaying my speed by 1.66 mph ... might as well have been 166. 'Druber laid down 28.85 mph ... ouch.

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