Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seymour TT #2 - 23.3 MPH

Fairly consistent conditions and similar to last week but without fast tires. I wanted to see how much slower I was on gatorskins, not sure if it was the rubber or the motor but I was about a full second slower. Went to the invisible aerobars after skidding into the turnaroud which was into the wind and up hill for the 5.42 mile return. I tried to stay far forward on the saddle and over the pedals, it seemed to help as I could keep the watts and speed up and consistent. Maybe next season I'll pick up a set of dented... err dimpled aerobars and get serious. I had some liquid with me this time and it really helped to wet my mouth but it also added stuff to burp up, only thought I might puke twice.... musta been where that other second went. This effort landed me squarely in the middle of the pack and up with some of the fast kids with no aero gear. Once again thanks to the volunteers !

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