Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink Panther Jewel Thief

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Low 40's and winds from the S at 16 gusting to 25 meant the 10 rider group had some work to do. I had foolishly told Martin, who was told he looked like the Pink Panther jewel theif, that I'd go long with him on Sunday while on Saturday's 50 miler. After 30-ish on the first annual Indian Summer Fight night and another 30 on Friday I knew I was in for trouble when I saw him rolling up looking fit and peppy. Apparently he signed up for some Ironman this summer and isn't doing rides shorter than 60 miles now. His medium intensity is my omg-ouch-this-hurts intensity. So as we bid farewell to the shelter of the group at min 75, I realised my main goal was to postpone sucking wheel as long as possible. Managed to keep that dream alive for all but one especially windy section where he dialed it up enough that I gave up and practiced my desperation wheel grabbing skills. Check. Should have had 4 gel flasks for this one, I was wiped and woke up from the nap not really sure who/where I was. Good times.

I wore neoprene booties, pace winter tights, liner shorts, stretchy base layer, columbia shell, jersey, pace winter arm wamers, patagonia windroof gloves and the windstopper balaclava. Was comfy in the beginnning with low 40's but hot at the end in upper 40's and a tailwind. Unzipped the jersey and jacket and took off the gloves to get comfy. Next time lighter gloves.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Come on baby, make it hurt so good. 41.7 @ 18.6

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Sometimes love don't feel like it should.
You make it hurt so good.

I spent much of today's ride with this song in my head. It seemed fitting to the upper 30's temps, wind from the N @ 5 - 7 and a brisk pace. Martin was on fire today snapping us off the back several times. Pretty sure my max watts number for the day was bridging up to let him know we're off agian. Not sure why avg speed was low, this ride hurt... maybe it's because I'm on antibiotics. I felt fairly strong but have been spotty with my weekend attendance. Rides starting at 9 am now will be in my favor.

Weird OOF shot. If the seatpost was a few inches shorter it wouldn't look like such a freak of nature. Sure does ride like a dream though.

Somehow managed to pop the chain over the tab on the backside of the derailluer cage. I have no idea how that can even happen. Was pretty happy to hear John B say it's easily fixed by unloosening the 3mm screw on the jockey wheel and spreading the derailluer cage. Martin's deft fingers and my superb multitool skills had me back in the saddle in moments.

Phone is beingsquirrely with pics, I cant upload the card and this one autoresized itself. Maybe a card format is in order.

Windstopper balaclava was key for comfort today. Thinkin' the Patagonia gloves from last year are just about foul smelling enough to justify the purchase of some PI Pittards.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a Wonderful Feelin'

Since Wednesday night flog sessions are officially over I guess I should go back to a more regular bike commuting schedule. I've grown really attached to that extra :45 mins I get to sleep in when I drive. Changed my route into town from Bradley to University > First > Springfield. Trafic is just as bad and Springfield is one lane with a tunring in the middle but so far none of the hostility and yelling out of cars, " Boy, get cho' ass on the sidewalk ! " Uh, OK ?

Drilled it down University and kept up with traffic for a bit which was probably an eye opener for more than one motorist. I wish I could ditch the Dont-run-me-over-bro vest, not ready to be smashed by a bleary-eye'd driver just yet though.

Felt good to get back in the crispy morning air. I've missed my balaclava and merino sweater.

For those with mirror envy, you can grab one from Rivendell Bike.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

41.5 @ 20.2

Managed to make the ride even with a 41° roll out temp. As you can tell from the pics below I never crawled out from under my woobie blanket. Good ride out to Monticello with myself giving Alexi a run for his money on the sign sprint back into town. Forgot to turn the PT back on after the break, lost maybe 6 miles. Another rider noticed my rear wheel might be dished wrong, John B offered to check/re-dish at a home tasting session of the brew that my cascades went into. Sounds good to me.