Friday, November 27, 2009

39.8 @ 18.8

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11 launched into 30° and light winds from the SW @ 4. I was my usual overdressed fredaliscious self. Ditched the PI Pittards and went back to the old faithful, but foul, Patagonia gloves. They made my hands stink but I just cant throw them away, the idea of freezing fingers is scarier than stinky fingers. Added a thin fleece pant to the config from yesterday as well as swapping the windproof booties for neoprene. Someone even joked that I wear the same thing wether or not it's 40 or 70°. It's no secret I chill easily.


Car left:

Not sure if I'm going to make the ride tomorrow. Maybe I'll try to take it easy and follow the Martinizer on Sunday for some pain cave spelunkin'.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

40.17 @ 19 Turkey Ride

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37° with a mix of sleet and rain from the west at 13 gusting to 25. Wore the wind and water proof booties, endura steatlh lites, knee warmers, liner shorts, stretchy base, merino, columbia shell, jersey, arm warmers, PI Pittards, and the windstopper balaclava. The Pittards were a complete fail in the rain, fingers were frozen by mile 20. Was pretty comfy going out with the hood off and thankfully elected to raise it on the way back.

I arrived late to the start and caught up as the group of 3 headed west. The route though White Heath and Lodge was pretty relaxed in terms of cars and dogs, everyone must have been inside napping and preparing their feasts.

Der Martinizer:

Also unzipped and vented since the tailwinds and 30 mph pulls by Martin had me with the bizarre sense of hot and chilled:
Warm face after a mean session of wheel suckin' with a tail wind:
Larry was lookin' good as usual, workin' his way back from being hit by an SUV this fall:
Good times before some bird:
Now for the best nap of the year after some OMNOMS.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

67 @ 19

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Another group of a dozen or so lined up in the upper 40's and brisk wind for the next stage of Tour de Caseys.

As you can see we're a cheery group:

Martin's late arrival meant I would see pain today:
My inner Ansel Adams led me down the path for another phot op:
I was singled off from the herd and managed to stay up with the Martinator. Thankfully he was tired from yesterday too. He pinned me in on the sprint section knowing I would cook myself and be road kill for the long section. Good trainin'

Played with the above pic and didn't hate it so I thought I'd share:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

59.4 @ 19.3

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Upper 40's to low 50's winds SSE @ 9. A group of aprox. 12 started the ride tapping out a casual pace on the long way out to Block. Several of them turned off at various points including Martin who was doing a solo to Bloomington to attend a concert. He confirmed his plans to do atleast 70 tomorrow so I need to fuel up and try and take it easy this afternoon. Had good legs for the ride but not great. It felt like I had nothing in them for the first 6 miles or so and never fully came around. Hopefully tomorrow I'll bring more game. Got nautious after the sprint effort and slightly after one other hard effort section later in the ride, thankfully no technicolor yawns.

Lots of dogs today, I had to chuckle at Gary's postulation they were all twittering each other alerts as to our location. One ambushed us from the ditch and nearly caused a mess.
Was lined up with Juanmoretime on the front, towards the end, on a climb section and nearing my I-quit point when Luke rides his drafted momentum right past us in what I could only percieve as an attempt on a flyer. Well, this simply wasn't an option and after a family friendly exclamation I managed to bridge up to him and Sean. These are fast guys and I had no business there. Luke being a savvy individual knew this and proceeded to yoyo me off the back by accelerating each time I came off the front. Between Sean and I, it was an easy call on who to break. Good training for my ability to tenaciously hold a wheel, it's going to be key to survival.
Karl rode hard today and was a beast in the hills, I'm pretty sure it was his turbo red compression socks. Good to see Larry back out there. It's inspiring to watch people weather the challenges and get back in form.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

34.9 @ 18.4

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After Karl and Luke were afraid to melt and decided not to ride after showing up ??? we had 4 riders to work agianst a fairly brisk NE wind @ 12 gusting to 20. For misting rain and mid 40's I selected the endura steatlh lite bibs, waterproof booties, stretchy base layer, columbia shell, jersey, arm warmers, zephyr gloves and thin balaclava. The combination perfomed well if not slightly on the cool side. Felt pretty good today, I think it was the sense of relief that Martin didn't show up and beat up on me. I spent more time at the front in the wind today than normal since several of the other gents were with spent legs after a hard ride and some racing yesterday. Good ride for me today. Oh boy, mom just called and wants to do lunch at el Toro. Happy Pollo ! Happy Pollo !

Update: Snapped one of the parentals, Mom is enjoying another round of margarita physical therapy. They're so cute.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Welp, some guy named Tony snaked me by 3 mins. My 1:09:00 was good enough for second in the Fast Finisher group. Good fun. Looks like I barely snuck in under the hour if we left at 1:09.... bittersweet !

The Sioux on her way to another 10k mile year ?
Thanks to the volunteers:

Shopping List:

And he was on a mtn bike !?!?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Took some time today to relax and rejuvenate since I've been feeling a bit funky. Thanks Jay for sponsoring the dels, you're a peach.

Words at the back cracker:

Fall Flurry

The Acer palmatum 'Bonfire' fall show is pretty fabulous.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

46 @ 18.7

Jim and I were the lone riders this Sunday, everyone else went to kickapoo. Had I been a little more in the loop I would have known Martin was riding over and back for a century. Funny since I showed up this morning with enough fuel for 100 miles. Weather today is in the high 60's with light S winds ... absolutey beautiful. I was hoping it would be just what the doctor ordered to snap me out of my funk. No dice.

Music in my head:
la roux - bulletproof.mp3
Iron and Wine - he lays in the reins.mp3
The Beauty Shop - Ambulance.mp3
You & Yourn - Double Knots.mp3
The Temper Trap - Fader.mp3
Herman Dune - I Wish That I Could See You Soon.mp3
Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue.mp3
Owen - Good Friends, Bad Habits.mp3
Great Bloomers - Catching Up.mp3

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunshine Among the Frosts

Acers have been doing their thing lately. The weather was so nice I decided to stick close to the house and work my ground. Did stuff like blowing around the leaves, mowing, trimmming dead heads, pruning shrubs, planting potted hostas, columbine and thornless blackberries and restarted the vermiposter. It's been a helluva week and I felt like this would be a good way to try and get myself back on track.

Spent some quality time annoying the cat, good times.

Worms ! (Red Wigglers)
Worm house:
If you want some of these things let me know. They multiply.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowed Rides

Saturday was a nice group of 19 to battle 22 mph winds while Sundays group of 12 or so had it easy with 4 mph. PowerTap bearings pooped the bed so I'm data-less and back on the Rolf. Rough estimates are 50 @ 19.7 for Saturday and 52 @ 20 for Sunday. Managed to take a sign sprint or two and learned some good lessons on the ones I didn't.

Temps were mostly in the low to mid 40's. I wore neoprene booties, windproof knee warmers, pace winter tights, liner shorts, stretchy base, winproof columbia shell, jersey, winter pace arm warmers and the zephyr gloves. Saturday I tried out the LG Powercap and a thin balaclava and was chilly in the low 40's. Sunday I did the windstopper balaclava and was too warm in the upper 40's. Hrmms.

Discovered the PI Large bibs are a bit small after trying them on. Trying to decide if I keep them for race only or try and recoup the $80 by putting them back on the market. Dangit.

Pittards arrived and XL was too small, they were sent back for XXL.

Note to self on pic: Straighten legs soas not to look like I was riding a horse all day.