Sunday, January 31, 2010


Mom offered the services of a energy worker/healer to clear my blocked solar plexus chakra.
She also gifted me with many minerals she felt would assist me energetically as I seek to progress. I wouldn't call myself a believer but I don't dis-believe. I was certainly moved by the experience and am thankful for those who participated.

Book wasn't really involved in the session, it was another gift to use as a reference in learning about how minerals might assist me energetically:
Mom's Amethyst on loan:


Doing what she came here to do:
Even a van at 55 mph can't stop her:
Directly after 67 miles I was stripped of energy and this experience seemed to have less layers to penetrate before reaching my core. Nap wasn't too far away.
Ferocious chicken-headed cat, scared of his own shadow:

67.67 @ 18.6

Running a bit late, I rushed out to the garage to discover a flat front gatorskin, crap. Dug the race wheel from the stable, adjust the brake pads(grr), air up and off we go into 7° with 3 MPH from SW.
Arrive at 9:03 and see no one at the usual launch spot so I take off into the wind to climb the overpass to see if I can spot anyone. Nothing. Circle back and think just maybe a straggler will show late and decide to check the parking lot. Found these clowns hiding on the other side of the lot, the side thats impossible to see while riding down Windsor. Sweet, ride mates!

Alexi snagged John's gloves out of his dress coat:

Wore an extra balaclava whos seam caused a pressure point headache on my forehead, so I had a cold headacahe and a pressure point headache at the same time. The ice cream brain freeze caliber headache alone was nearly crippling. Almost turned back but hung on till Bement where I ditched the second balaclava.

Strangers in a strange land:

Spent much of the time riding with my head down, pointed at the prevailing wind direction and focused on keeping the wheel in front in the safety box. Intense ride for me, did not feel strong but managed to piece together a solid effort even if I did skip a few turns pulling into the wind.

Time for fresh legs at the front:
Somehow took the sign sprint from Alexi who claimed noodle legs, I was promptly accused of sandbaggin' and playin with p-p-p-poker face. What can I say, I left it all on the road today

Junior was staying the night, had a little fun playing with balaclavas:
2009 Rolf Prima Aspin Wheelset w/Skewers *Great Shape!* are mine! mine! mine!
"new just last summer and rode maybe 700-800 miles"
hope they arrive safe

Saturday, January 30, 2010

60.9 @ 17.3

14° with 12 from the NE, Seriously? Really? Why not?!?
Spent most of the wake up time telling myself, "I dont wanna." But so glad I did.

Icy daggers and drill bits on the skin as I make my way to the start:
I dunno why we're here either but I really like that tape on your nose:

Too early, note to self: Trim :10 off morning routine:
Something so right, yet so wrong about this:
Quite a few covered sections where drifts had been cleared or shade copvered the road:

Frisco's deft eye noticed there appears to be a ghost rider in the pic above (head is the tree at the horizon of the road, use your imagination).

What better way to spend a Saturday than bobbing inches from thousands in equipment and some of the best riders in the area:


Der Flatback:

Bike friends in Ogden via Homer:

Jay (in the blue) rode in from Mahomet for a 7 am early ride group that never showed, circled back and rode with us at 9 and finished with around 110 for the day. He plans to come back tomorrow for the same mileage. My excuse was the early start but tomorrow I'm in till I have to be home for my new energies.

Heading home to ice knees, nap and feast. Martin still has a 10k to run and an hour swim on the agenda:
Bottles rode in the bibs and still froze to an undrinkable slush, sweat on the inside of the endura windproof bibs also froze.

Kit for 14° - From L to R - Medium weight fleece sweats, endura stealth lite, therma silk, stretchy base long sleeve, bibs with chamois, merino sweater, windproof knee warmers, arm warmers, poly footie sock under a wool sock, Columbia shell jacket, jersey

Neoprene bootie and the shopping bag windbarrier:
Sweep XC sans visor, rudys, patagonis windproof gloves, sniper mittens, lavawool balaclava, OR windstooper balaclava, LG pwer cap, RoadID (thank you agian), tube, pump, 1 scoop of Muscle Milk naturals chocolate ( pour in water, seal bag, mix, bite bag corner off, consume, profit), phone in a baggie to keep sweat from destroying it.

Not pictured are two bottles of maltomix, 2 bottles of gel, and a bottle of plain water with sea salt.

What a mess!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Expectation Breeds Disappointment

10° with winds from the NE @ 9, 1 of 2 locks found frozen on arrival .. saved by the de-icer stuff.
Knee is complaining agian, with any luck its just whining and will htfu. Work schedule had a sucker hole so I grabbed it for some spinal hypnosis. Re-uped the supps for the overdriven adrenaline glands and the caustic pit that is my belly(getting better!)
Less Stress! Less Stress!

The tendency for my helmet to slide back is a continuing annoyance:
Seems like just yesterday I was standing here in the rain:

Wright divides the Shampoo-Banana:

18° effort face:

Found my copy and a bonus:

Thankful for the understanding earned since this summer, of knowing trauma is cumulative, that stress and trauma cause brain injury, that there is a name and a way out from effects.
Thankful for a road map, rudimentary tools, catalyst events, for my sustained resilience and a progression towards balance, healing and vibrance.
blessed, released, relaxed
blessed, released, relaxed
blessed, released, relaxed
(Naked bodies in video link)
New Ruins - Lake from We Make Our Own Bad Luck, an Illinois quintet
Lately I'm extra-inspired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand's work and have been looking for patterns in nature to photo. He has some free wallpapers here.
Wouldn't mind a copy of Earth from Above.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Draggin' the Dream Forward

Pushed the lazy pedals to work today and regretted it. I see a theme here.

Songs in the head at the moment:
Angus and Julia Stone - The Beast
Broken Bells - The High Road
Phantom Planet - Dropped
Bump draftin', nailin' and chokin' out the suicide jockeys one at a time !

Mom thinks my solar plexus chakra is blocked and offered me a session with an energy worker/healer for Sunday afternoon. I've never seen a chakra but I'm ready to feel vibrant and comfortable in my body, tune me plz!

Saw Ben Bedford, good stuffs. Audio quality was luscious, think he was using one of these.
Seems like a waste, and kinda rude?

Word around town is the tarptents are the kittens meows.