Saturday, January 30, 2010

60.9 @ 17.3

14° with 12 from the NE, Seriously? Really? Why not?!?
Spent most of the wake up time telling myself, "I dont wanna." But so glad I did.

Icy daggers and drill bits on the skin as I make my way to the start:
I dunno why we're here either but I really like that tape on your nose:

Too early, note to self: Trim :10 off morning routine:
Something so right, yet so wrong about this:
Quite a few covered sections where drifts had been cleared or shade copvered the road:

Frisco's deft eye noticed there appears to be a ghost rider in the pic above (head is the tree at the horizon of the road, use your imagination).

What better way to spend a Saturday than bobbing inches from thousands in equipment and some of the best riders in the area:


Der Flatback:

Bike friends in Ogden via Homer:

Jay (in the blue) rode in from Mahomet for a 7 am early ride group that never showed, circled back and rode with us at 9 and finished with around 110 for the day. He plans to come back tomorrow for the same mileage. My excuse was the early start but tomorrow I'm in till I have to be home for my new energies.

Heading home to ice knees, nap and feast. Martin still has a 10k to run and an hour swim on the agenda:
Bottles rode in the bibs and still froze to an undrinkable slush, sweat on the inside of the endura windproof bibs also froze.

Kit for 14° - From L to R - Medium weight fleece sweats, endura stealth lite, therma silk, stretchy base long sleeve, bibs with chamois, merino sweater, windproof knee warmers, arm warmers, poly footie sock under a wool sock, Columbia shell jacket, jersey

Neoprene bootie and the shopping bag windbarrier:
Sweep XC sans visor, rudys, patagonis windproof gloves, sniper mittens, lavawool balaclava, OR windstooper balaclava, LG pwer cap, RoadID (thank you agian), tube, pump, 1 scoop of Muscle Milk naturals chocolate ( pour in water, seal bag, mix, bite bag corner off, consume, profit), phone in a baggie to keep sweat from destroying it.

Not pictured are two bottles of maltomix, 2 bottles of gel, and a bottle of plain water with sea salt.

What a mess!

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