Saturday, January 23, 2010

63.1 @ 18

Fog, wet roads, 36° and winds @ 10 from the SSE met a group of 9 for another stage of Tour D' Casey's. We never actually stopped at a Casey's but that's not important.

Der Martinizer lookin' to single out a weak one from the herd:

Gary, a local cycling advocate extraordinaire lined up and rode hard the whole way:

Pro Cycling Tea:

Takin' the lane:

Shunk wins an invisible town sign sprint:

New rider to the group today, guess he rode with them year before last. I thought his face told the story of our ride fairly well:

And mine own version of leftover sufferface:

The camera arrived today, so with any luck the same guy who packed my Rolfs didn't pack this camera. UPS picked the Rolfs up yesterday, so now all I have to show for them is a damage claim tag. Lovely.


  1. Nice photos. Funny how the camera makes things look much more colorful than what I remember from the grayness of the ride.

  2. Gary, you had sunglasses on. :)