Sunday, January 31, 2010


Mom offered the services of a energy worker/healer to clear my blocked solar plexus chakra.
She also gifted me with many minerals she felt would assist me energetically as I seek to progress. I wouldn't call myself a believer but I don't dis-believe. I was certainly moved by the experience and am thankful for those who participated.

Book wasn't really involved in the session, it was another gift to use as a reference in learning about how minerals might assist me energetically:
Mom's Amethyst on loan:


Doing what she came here to do:
Even a van at 55 mph can't stop her:
Directly after 67 miles I was stripped of energy and this experience seemed to have less layers to penetrate before reaching my core. Nap wasn't too far away.
Ferocious chicken-headed cat, scared of his own shadow:

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