Sunday, February 28, 2010

106.4 @ 18.4

5am wakeups, who knew they still replay Wild America episodes at 5 am. Marty Stouffer is right up there with Bob Ross. 6:15 launch into 29° with 10 from NW. Still dark, geesh ... I'm a crazy person. Swift cross-town trip saw my arrival to the eastside of Urbana :45 mins early. Failed hard at reverse enginnering that one so I farted around, hung out in the heated Walmat foyer(ack) and took a pic of this huge pice of rebar in the middle of the road just east of High Cross on Washington. I'm noting this since its a well travelled route by cylists in the area and is a real hazzard.

Martin was a few mins late to the rendezvous so I had the chance to document some splendor:
Lake at Kickapoo just before a climb:
Larry's spankin' new Project 1, envy:
Jay is in true animal form and I think pretty much broke Larry. They did 130 out here yesterday and after the first 50 mile loop Larry called it quits. I respect a man who knows his limits. Just for perspective, Larry is somehting like a 12 time state champ and a very strong ultra rider.

So the pack of 4 was off to try and hold Jay's wheel until someone cried or called "uncle":

Martin had a rough day with a cold and logging 70+ yesterday but held on to finish up strong.

Thumbs up, brohaim:
Red-tailed lookin' for Sunday brunch:
Spent plenty of time right here today:
Spent as little time as possible on the front without facing ridicule:
Hawk's-eye view:
22 up a hill at mile 80 or something, ouch:
Resulting suffer face:
Jay wasn't happy until he had 120 so we did another 8 mile or so loop through the hills. I went in the toilet outside of Gifford, aprox mile 70, and couldn't quench my thirst with the maltomix. I was drinking but had that salty parched feeling so I knew I needed water. Never so happy to see a Casey's as I was today. After another 20 miles or so I came back around and threw a break on the last mile that Jay actually had to put down some effort to cover and I didn't completely die on the last hill. Good ride.

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