Monday, February 22, 2010

Common Core Standards - Capitalist Chow

Continuing to be resilient and focusing on the positive among distractions and challenges. Using thought, I'm anchoring qualities like adaptable, resilient, vibrant, creative, articulate, well prepared, and a readyness to compete. Softening the recollection of the past and attempting to carry forward the positive aspects leaving behind the negativty that no longer serves. Remembering to keep in mind that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck no matter how much I want it to be an eagle. Words are cheap and easy for some to toss around.

Jim is quite the word wrangler:

deep yearning:

I think I've been reading slowly, not wanting it to end. He just moved to California, leaving alphabet city behind. Jim's drug-fueled observations and use of metaphor are stirring.

I particularly liked these words: " The language needs room to manuever. Only without boundries can the words transform into something beyond themselves."
as well as
"... hoping that old Aristotle was right -that humor will act as a catalyst and purify the tragic."

Funky, the more I lingered the more intrigued I became. I hope I never understand the Brooks seat angle.

Mother of all mudflaps:
Moar door:

Discovering as I view some of the mirrored crops on monitors other than my own that they appear off in color and lacking the detail I see on my screen. I know about color profiles and have calibrated my monitor that I work on with an Eye-One Display 2 colorimeter, but I thought as long as the resolution was similar the detail level would also be similar. Although it's mildly annoying, Im not going to worry about it too much.

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