Friday, February 19, 2010

Resiliency Testing Cont'd

11° with winds from NW @ 4, I must be hardening, it didn't seem so bad and I didn't miss the goggles. Must be the breakfast of champions.

I've been following the nighttime verbal antics of a mild-mannered English husband named Adam. Some of his utterings are pure hilarity.

Was I just about to witness some bike-on-bike violence?

Love these Ortlieb Back Roller Classics like I never thought I would.
Stopped and talked to the squirrel feeder, his name is Richard, he works as a lab tech. in the Physics department building prototypes and machines used by the physicists. He said he's been feeding the campus squirrels for ten years and knows each once since they were babies. He's only been bitten once which he thinks was accidental when one mistook his finger for a peanut.
He wasn't too keen on his picture being taken so here's what ya get:

Richard shared a few peanuts with me but I didn't garner the same attention from the squirells that he did.

Only takes one:
Balaclava hands-free enjoying lunchtime sunshine:

This guy did not appreciate me being in his lane. Apparently there's something wrong with changing to a clear left lane lately. This one was extra easy for the guy with two of them going in the same direction. I could literally feel his heat on the back of my head so I thought I'd take a chance on getting a BSNYC-caliber annoyed motorist shot.
Pretty good:

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