Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today Wont Kick it's Own Ass

News said 2° feels like -12 with 4 mph ... Just a base layer under the winter jacket and I was comfy.

Stopped along the way to aquire more crack captures. They're protected by the stream of cars and trucks, getting access is tricky. High-penalty barrier to entry anyone? It's kinda like knowing when to hop in a jump rope and start jumping in sync with the revolutions. Enjoying the fact that my raw material for this work is aquired via bicycle and moreso is a direct result of it. Without the proximity and agility of the bike, I would likely never have discovered the technique. Also, a huge thanks goes out to the parents for the camera it's been an integral tool.

“Can I not just apologise?” No, a drivers liscense doesn't give anyone the right to use their vehicle as a weapon. This judge was too lenient, charges of attempted murder seem more appropriate. I imagine the only reason we're hearing about this is because a cop was the victim. Just another reason to carry a video camera or two on the bike.

Feeling a bit lonely and missing friends who are no longer near. Focusing on being my own best friend and making the best of what I have.

Talked to the boss at work, said 1 class a semester was no problem as long as it didn't interfere with work. Hrmmm.

Croppings anyone?

Spoke to my biological father tonight in what I can only account as a synchronous present from the universe. Re-found out I'm German and Irish on his side and learned he and his wife ride Harleys as their way to center. Imagine that. Loved reconnecting, hearing about family and looking forward to a potential lifetime of freindship now that I'm more mature and able to face things I just didn't have ways to face as a younger man. I was especially happy to hear he's out of a plywood mill and purifying water from the Rogue river for his community in southern Oregon.

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