Saturday, March 6, 2010

121 @ ?

A whole heapa' riders for Wildcard's Spring Reunion Century! Yes, I just made that name up and managed to get a small video. Mostly out and back to Charleston, weather was great for riding, sunny and temps in the 30's to high 40's winds ESE at 10-ish.

Forgot the wheel magnet on the rolf wheel so I have no average speed and neglected to ask Larry his avg when I got his mileage. Longest ride for me to date, I was a zombie riding home from Meadowbrook but started to feel oddly better just before home. Currently nursing a massive headache and feel like I'm floating. Craving eggs over medium like a mofo and my chef is AWOL.
Should not have let myself take a two hour nap yesterday, not only did I squander warmth and light to capture some nicely salted cracks on the southwest side I made it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Always a challenge before a big ride.

It's been a while since we've seen some of these faces, I didn't realise how much I missed seeing the cloud of mist from Del's snot rockets:

Long way to the top if you wanna' rock n roll:
Shunk cracks me up every ride, today was, " I'm built like an elephant, I think like an elephant. "

Funny part of this pic is Rob is one of the most mild-mannered and soft spoken guys on the team:

I made the mistake of dropping back to collect up stragglers in the beginning of the ride and spent a little too much energy:

Battling Alexi for second at the Charleston town sign sprint probably wasn't wise either. Final nail in my coffin was stopping for Alexi's flat with John B and Thomas. I should have looked around, realised I was in the company of fast guys and done everything I could to get back on the train rolling off into the distance. They played catch up, John broke first, then me and Alexi and Thomas rode off like it was a Wednesday night. John B dug hard and stayed strong till the end, catching up with about 5 to go, and forcing me to earn it if I was to stay on his wheel.

Think I got cooked today? These guys are animals.

Mile 10-ish:
Mile 110-ish:

Martin who was notibly absent passed us going the other way like a banshee, in my 100-mile putty brain I wanted to turn around and follow. Big Jay also absent, rumored to be working.

Good ride ride with a strong group, this year with Wildcard looks to be kickass.

Daily creative muscle exercising, salted cracks mirrored and cropped:

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  1. I sweat more than most people and during/after long workouts I often get headaches due to an electrolyte imbalance. I can't drink enough Gatorade (or similar) to prevent this, so I usually take Enduralyte pills. These almost always fix the problem.