Sunday, March 21, 2010

26.3 @ 17

redrides 35° with 15 from NNE gusting to 25, must have scared off everyone who isn’t injured or out of town. Took the chance to try to nab a little bike pr0n:

fancy John is one of those guys that whips up on guys half his age and is usually driving the pace up when he gets on the front. The remora in me loves the chance to jump on a fast wheel.

JBBut today was recovery so we waited to see how long it would take for him to realize we were gone:

offthefront Back in synch we worked our way into the wind. I couldn’t help but to think if Larry was here we’d be doing rotating paceline.

eschelonAfter about 15 miles we unanimously agreed to turn around and surf home:windy Karl

Winds picked up as we returned, 21 gusting to 31, made for some good fun chasing John downhill with a tailwind easily holding 30+ mph coasting in an aero-tuck for portions.

train Short and sweet recovery ride with all the trappings of why I’ve grown to love riding with the ‘cards on the prairie.

It's no 198 mile ride with a sprint finish but we kept it clean.

And a pic for proof that the base coat was laid:



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