Wednesday, March 31, 2010

40.26 @ 19

blahblahblah Mid 70's, winds from the south at 25 gusting to 36… finished with 28 @ 20.1 for the group portion.

gather Gene Hell yeah:

ohyeah Camera stayed in the jersey pocket most of the ride with the high winds making bike handling a bit squirrelly. Managed to get a fly-by video after the sprint regroup.

riders I think the smile is from imaging how many of us are gonna eat his dust:

Backside of the first of two echelons going out:


I thought I positioned well and hung on the fast pack for a bit but was underpowered and assumed my position solidly off the back. There were plenty of stout, early season attacks to cover. I stayed in it and passed a few others, collected up Jason and worked together to remain in semi-close contact. I could notice a difference in effort to push these Rolfs on gp4000s versus the old setup on leadcases.

offtheback Fast pack at the end of the ride, pretty sure the guy on the red Cannondale and white U. Illinois jersey is the local Olympic speed skater. Watching his sprint effort was pretty nuts, was like a freight train. Lots of woosh-woosh rubber ripping at road during acceleration noises today.

fastkids Good ride.

It's Flanders week !

Let it go, this too shall pass.

Ryan Adams - Pearls on a String


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