Wednesday, March 17, 2010

40.5 @ 20.3

shunkflatted The eagerly awaited first Fight Night of 2010 had a strong showing with many riders already faster than last year. This years efforts will prove to be difficult for those wishing to stay in the fast pack.

Larry lookin’ pro, per usual and silly fast, I had nothin’ for him at the end:prorig 25 strong on St. Patty’s day, our untameable tribe rolls out :start

Beer rental return restart:

restart Martinizer and Scott:fasst Dave and Jason:fasssst Top picture in this link is what happened after I drilled off the front abut 100 yards too soon for the Seymour sign and ran out of gas. Luke cleaned up my yard sale of spent wheel suckers for the win, I think I got 5th.

I spent most of the rest of the time on the back trying not to puke or get snapped while managing to somehow get a few pics on the back. Here's a video from earlier in the route.train

One thing I’ve learned from Larry is to sit on the back when you need to and as one of the taller guys out there, I need to. If I want to be around for the end of the ride I need to use every trick I have, especially being outgunned.


I was last person to be shelled from the fast pack, almost taking Jason out with me as he starts laughing at the noises I'm making just before being dropped ...... giving birth to a more tenacious wheel sucker. Made it to within 3 or so miles of the start before popping, stayed strong and finished fairly soon after the fast kids.

Headin’ for home, cooked: shelled

If you're admiring my cap, and I think you are, drop Kozie Prery a line for your very own.

Found out the inserts on my year-old Sidi cleat mounts have stripped and Dan has graciously offered to show me how to repair them. Need to put that at the top of the to-do list since I absolutely love those shoes. I suppose I should take pics and write up the fix since there doesn’t seem to be a decent one on the internets,

Bikey Luv!

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