Wednesday, March 24, 2010

45.8 @ 20.2

riders Healthy sized group for the night with a few faces I didn’t recognize. Plenty of big guns to keep the pace up. Temps in the mid 50’s winds out of the east ~6.

preride The long-awaited Helix build made an appearance:helix

Forced on to a leadcase err hardcase tire by my failure to have spare tires in stock, expectations for today's inclusion in the fast pack were low. I noticed a difference in the effort it takes to spin the wheels up to match acceleration bursts and sustain the speed towards the end of the ride. That thread that I spend most of the last half of the ride dangling by, snaps just that much sooner pushing leadcases.

Fast pace of the ride meant few pics were had, the art of group ride photography is not one to be taken lightly. Youtube can be cantankerous but finally uploaded my video.



I did my usual one pull on the front after the pace had heated up (not pictured above). Problem was it was after Jay pulled and pretty much cooked me staying on his wheel. 35 mph on a flat with not much tailwind hurts no matter where you are in the pack. I barely caught the train and snapped shortly after. These are Cat1/2 guys so I’m doing good to even be there. We regroup with some new faces and formed a nice chase group reeling in the fast pack as they slowed for town traffic. Good ride.

Progress happening on the fixed gear art bike build. More parts sussed and hoops in hand for color matching to the frame.

bb hair

I’m not usually one for the herd but I thought it's important to stand up and be counted for CU's Bike to work day. Register here

Defeat the lizzard brain.

Finally, someone with the same notion on intuition - "Listening to your inner voice can be a good thing. But most of the time, I think the voice prevents us from reaching our full potential and doing work that matters."
If you made it to the bottom of that last link I hope you clicked the "lizzard at the door" link.

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