Sunday, March 7, 2010

49.2 @ 19.6

35 with 5 mph winds shift to mid 40's, light rain and winds from the SE at 10. Healthy sized group for the Sunday recovery ride. Larry lookin' pro as usual checks out junior's wobbly wheel before the ride.

Alexi lookin' fast as ever: Jay ate a few dragons for breakfast and promply went off the front with three other souls following. I went directly into the pain cave for some suffering.

Whats a ride where he isn't on the phone:
Or telling stories about some ride:
Don put in some solid effort after a regroup and hung around for quite a while:

Offered some choice navigation advice and we went our separate ways:
Is it me of does Sean have that,"wtf you got in that thing?" look?
Battled Jason for the invisible KOM points at the overpass outside Tuscola and turned around for home. I''ve been having great luck with a scoop of chocolate Muscle Milk naturals in a snack bag. I pour in some water, seal the bag, shake and bite the corner off. I'm out-gunned and need every edge I can get.
Spent most of the return home trying not to lose Jason's wheel who was trying not to lose Sean's who was trying not to lose Jay's. Brutal.
I nearly quit after and few miles uphill of this:
Cooked and headin' for home:

Another good ride in the books.

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