Saturday, March 20, 2010

70 @ 19.2

burnoff 36° NNE @ 15 gusting to 26 with rain on the way…nearly called it and crawled back in bed. I forced myself to the start and as usual was happy I made the effort. Familiar faces have a way of warming our chilly Saturday morning ritual. There was a sense of relief from the group when we learned the chance of rain had all but been called off for the day.rowdies Into the wind:

start I’m either getting slower or the rides are getting faster, I have very little energy to mess around with the camera after I get off the front. All I want to do is blow my nose and get to cover. I came home with 147 wheel sucker shots and this vid.scottsride fastwheels

I think it was Mark who went early for the sign on the way to Gifford collecting up Thomas and managing to stay away for the win. I made Thomas earn his second place and I think I might have had third stolen from me at the last moment. Post-ride putty brain strikes again.

I managed to find the warm exhaust vent air heavily laden with donut olfactants. Pure heaven on a chilly break.

riders silhouette On the way home we got frisky in the tailwinds and another break was thrown resulting in Mark popping us all off the back on a hill after some long hard pull by Martin.

paintrain I somehow managed to stay alive and on Martin’s wheel to reel Mark back in and do some decent tempo work back to town. From the rumblings, sounds like Big Jay is injured with a work-related hip deal. Hope you feel better soon if you' re reading this.


On his way to 77, or so:

Martinator I waved goodbye hoping to save some gas for the ride tomorrow and toils in the gardens after a nap. meFinished up the ride flatting a mile from home on the gatorskin and having no tube after repaying one back to a ridemate earlier in the day. Sag wagon dispatched.

Life is good.

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