Saturday, March 13, 2010

83.8 @ 19

Solid group for another foggy and soggy ride. Chad continuining his theme from last year of showing up on commuter rigs and riding strong. Temps in the upper 40's and winds in the single digits.
Shunk flatted so we partied in the middle of the road. Off in the distance we a see a aero-tucked rider closing fast.
It's Martin!, who arrives to his own tifosi, and decides to accompany us back to Monticello since it looks like the rain is holding out.
Dell is about as excited as I am to get rollin' agian:

These guys see me casually place the camera to my side and begin shooting no-look shots while taking my turn on the front. OOF but too good to send to the recyle bin:

Somewhere around mile 50 the last of the group turns back leaving me with the fast guys :

Martin and Greg turned back to town after our loop around Allerton and I followed Jay to Argenta. He's doing back to back 150's and figured I fueld for 100 so I might as well go long.

Worms were everywhere today, I peelled at least a half dozen pieces off my pants:
Ready to be of the bike after another solid ride:
Didn't get the full 100 but it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.


  1. very cool man, HupHupHup! as you always say! :D

  2. Nice post! Guess how many worms I peeled off my pants. :)