Monday, March 8, 2010

Challenge, Trepidation and Peace

Dancing with the muse if only on the inside to music no one else can hear. Close your eyes, see with your mind.
Wonderful, foggy commute. No sign of beige sedans and everyone was polite and gave plenty of room. Felt like the polar opposite to several of last weeks commutes. Even saw two police cars parked off to the side of University.

I was disappointed to see how much detail and color is lost looking at the mirrored crops with a non-calibrated monitor at resolutions less than 1600. Good to know at least. Some of them don't even look like the same image I see on my monitor. I sense there is analogy here for having eyes to see and each of us seeing something differently depending on perspectives.
Re-started Basketball Diaries.

Carrying Moldavite currently and spent time this weekend holding the tourmaline or carrying it in my hoodie pocket. Two cubes of Pyrite have been in my riding jersey pockets lately as well.
Heading out after work to the spinal hypnotist:

This guy made me nervous. It felt like he wanted to be where I was as we waited at Kirby and Prospect, but wound up passing me politely:

yes plz

I've finally read the writing on the wall: Me + Rolf + ebay == fail. Aspin seller claims the wheel worked fine when he sent it out except now it's magically not freewheeling. The shipping box looked undamaged and upon inspection everything looks fine to the guys at the shop. Larry told me to ride it till it loosens up.(!!!!) Not happening. I stop pedaling, hub doesn’t freewheel, chain wraps over the top, builds slack and begins colliding with the spokes. Not one chance I'm tempting my already squirrelly luck riding those things in their current condition. Larry also agreed being basically a new wheel it should be sent back to Rolf as a warranty. I asked the seller to ship them back and be refunded. Seller already had an attitude so I'm guessing I'll be dealing with ebay directly. Saga continues. Need to figure out a strong, fast and light wheelset that wont have me eating ramen for a year. Trying to avoid Neuvation R28's. Currently accepting wheel sponsorships !

Changed back to skinny tires tonight for the commuter.

Training races start back up the 17th.

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