Friday, March 12, 2010

Hoppy Friday

Friday commute was back to a TT down University pausing only to circle back and thank the officer who mediated the road conflict with yesterday. Downhill most of the way, I was able to mostly keep up with traffic probably raising more than a few eyebrows and comments. Pretty sure I recognised a co-worker in the pack.

Unexpected treat of living in the silicone prairie with lots of smart people around:

Spent a little time talking to Randy Reisinger about the EC3 shown below. You can check out more info here.

30 lbs of batteries to go 40 mles under a shell of formed ABS plastic and outdoor carpeting, iteration 0.

The camera wasn't on top of it's game so nothing fabulous. I noticed on the site there are no pics of the EC3 so if you guys are reading this and would like me to take some shots for you drop me an e-mail.


Beans for the Freedom Press:
Wandered by the NRES Naturally Illinois exhibit and met one of the guys working at the Campus Bike Project. Officially opening March 29th, it's a collaboration with The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign servicing students, faculty and staff located in the garages just south of the NRES building. Membership gives you access to both the campus and Urbana locations.
Nearby greenhouses:

Lots of activity on campus today for the Engineering Open House including these yahoos yelling on the quad:
Dropped by Baker's Bikes to say hi and pick up a few parts. It inspired me to get my stalled fixed-gear build moving agian. The shop is lookin good and he's expanding to offer more browsing room. If you need a solid bike with a buy back program (students) he's your man.
Rain face:
Rainy century tomorrow with the Widcards, lots of prep left to do. HUP!HUP!HUP!

Paris-Nice - Stage 4 - Final Kilometers Not a fan of Contadope.


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  2. Yeah, Yeah, I'm firing the editor. Century tomorrow, I expect to see you at Meadowbrook.