Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Intuitive Precision

52° on it's way to the high 60°'s ...have to remember what to wear on the bike for optimized comfort. Luvin' my Kozie Prery cap.

If you can, donate to Reed Bate's legal fund and don’t move to Ennis, Texas unless you want to be arrested and convicted for riding in the right lane of a two lane in one direction road.

"oh look, the sun"
Saw this as I was cruising around on lunch, looks like a stencil painted with dirt:

I had forgotten so much it's like reading it for the first time:

"simply desire to be at peace with yourself and you will know when changes are appropriate you will feel good about it"
If only it was that easy.

Salmon givin' us a bad name, have some respect:

Paris-Nice 2010 - Stage 1 - Final kilometers
Paris-Nice 2010 - Stage 2 - Final kilometers
The 108th Paris-Roubaix runs Sunday April 11, 2010, Boonen for his fourth win and three in a row? I'll be cheering for Hincapie.

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