Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joy Production

morn 30° to start finishing in the low 60’s. Feels like I’m hitting some kind of stride even though I visit the past in daily ruminations. I suppose it’s my mind’s way of squeezing every last drop of learning from significant experiences, making sure I really learn the lessons so as not to repeat them … a studying of the maps. Challenging lately to choose a path of manageable resistance that leaves no regrets. Focusing on what’s important, finding progression, easing the critical thoughts, being thankful for the gifts I have and trying to put myself in other’s shoes are a few of the major themes lately.

Allergy season is on:bloomin Campus vandalism:graf Art in the wild?shadows Bike watch for a lunch buddy while he grabs his sandwich:bikebuddies This little number caught my eye:reno Something about riding on the sidewalk here feels wrong so I sit and wait too:waiting Mid 70’s for tomorrows ride and rain for the practice race Saturday.  Who knows, maybe I’ll feel good and have something for the fast kids.

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