Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jumped Into This Jerky Dream

Another lovely commute with mostly polite drivers. I guess it helps when you see the same people day in and out, the idea of accountablity comes into play. Skinny tires felt soooooo good.

Feeling like a dung beetle lately. Pushing my large and awkward creation around, struggle over peaks, haphazzardly, momentarily lose control down the backside, struggle up the next, repeat.

It may not be the best ball of turds but it's my ball of turds and I wear its yoke with the knowing that I'm right where I'm supposed to be. If I wasn't, my life would look differently. Simple as that, reluctant or not.

Cyclists are to hares as eagles are to cars?

Looks kinda' like I'm flying, which in a way I am:

Mmmm rain:
Lovely patina, pic does no justice:
Way too cool for school and a vulnerable front wheel. I loved watching the owner arrive as I was taking this pic, nervously unlocking and riding off. He said it's been about a year of riding around campus on it and no problems with thieves so far. He must have some seriously good karma with the bikey gods:

Speakin of badassed commuters. I almost wish I was short.

I could be dangerous on this thing:Had the pleasure of sharing the lane with a fellow pedal commuter as we made our way slowly down Kirby in the 5 o'clock gridlock. He's a UIUC Aerospace Engineering graduate and working as an energy auditor for buildings. I think his name was Sean. Lots of room to improve with remembering names for me! He was pretty happy with his week old Raleigh Clubman. I'd seen them mentioned online and wondered how they rode.

Solid day commuting with lots of polite drivers. Kirby westbound was pretty hectic but most everyone passed polietly.

Want, and what not. Just enjoy it for it.

Spring Classics are here, best racing of the season. Gritty.
1 of 4 for Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2010  
Stage 2 of Paris-Nice finished yesterday, go Jens!

Commentary for the spring classics here and here.  

Aspin Saga update:
Called Rolf annd recieved wonderful customer service, an RA# and instructions for returning the rear wheel for assesment and warranty repair if applicable. I explained the situation and they assured me if it was a warrantiable condition it would be repaired at no charge, and if not it would likely be well under $50 and shipped back at no charge. Seller refused to pay to ship the wheel to them but did offer to pay half of the repairs if "If it's a minor repair that was due to normal/minor wear" after I asked him to pay to have the wheel shipped to them and the repair charges if any. Gee. My money is on the drive side end cap was too tight, ridden by him, toasted the bushing and inside bearing and now needs a new bearing and bushing. TBD. Brightside is I may have a set of Rolfs soon !!

I'd like to warn anyone considering buying something from mattyc73buy on eBay. Condition not as described in auction, refused return, was argumentative and accusational. Absolutely will not buy from them agian. Thanks.

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