Thursday, March 18, 2010

Penchant for Progression

carback Legs feeling pretty solid this morning as I TT'd down University sensing all sorts of peculiar vibes directed at me from witnessing motorists. Yeah, that’s right ... people actually ride bikes fast to work even when they have the choice to drive a car. I drove in yesterday trying to save my legs for the Wednesday ride and wished I was riding the bike, the weather is just so lovely.

Cell phone pic on timer, remoted in adjusting audio before an event:


Looks like vehicular cyclists have a friend in Ray Lahood.

Tony "run them over" Korheiser keepin’ it classy.

Condolences to this brave rider's family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully she's surfing tailwinds in the after life. This has sparked even more heated debate about bike lanes being nothing more than door zones and create more confusion and animosity towards cyclists when they travel out of a bike lane to avoid such hazards.

yes, cyclists > buildings

We know how to party:
partyonwheels wow, just wow.



Bits of my mother’s wisdom to help me tune and optimize my life: "I desire to be joined with a mate in a satisfying, compatible, loving relationship. I am releasing the bonds that hold me to my unhealed past and look forward to peace of mind and joy of heart."

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