Monday, March 1, 2010

Precise, Constant Action

Feeling fairly cooked from the weekend mileage but managed to climb back on and pedal to work for an earlier than usual start to the week.

Feeling so thankful for my life, family and work. Looking forward to those feelings percolating down into my core hopefully replacing this near-constant state of alert I seem to have been carrying for as long as I can recall.

"the divine power is the constant action of your mentality, and with complete precision it fashions your thoughts into form." -Raymond Barker

Like feral waves to your mind

"Never take advice from anyone with no investment in the outcome." - David Hare

Spotted this extra, I think the guy hauled a full video camera and tripod setup on it.

Long day in the work saddle but got out in time to wander around and take a few pics:

Maybe CPW is going to install a replacement at Church and Edwin that wont cause this:

Talks of a Furlough Friday century already circulating the email list. Must be a sign, I had mine planned for this Friday. Not sure what kind of shape that would put me in for another century I just found out about leaving from Meadowbrook at 8 am on Saturday. Maybe if I skip pulls and sit in the rocking chair the whole time I could do back to back 100+, unlikely though.
Is it just me or did Fark lose the hilarious guy who wrote satire?

Art in the wild.

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