Thursday, March 11, 2010

Takin' Me for Some Kind of Ride

Showers wouldn't stop me from missing out on some of my favorite riding weather.

Looks like some bike justice was served in Upper Dublin.

This morning in the shower a frequently repeated mantra of my youth returned to my mind feeling like a distant stranger: "Life is art." I've been trying to regard living as a work of art and forming it into what I want it to look like as well as appreciating my place in what is beyond my control. Making my life's narrative read back to me the way I want it to sound when possible.

Almost like living in a big city:

Miles ahead of the game:
Lots of interesting rides around the racks and fences since the sun came out:

Bathed in sunshowers for the ride homeward:


  1. Ugh, seems to me like people in cars tend to be rougher on us cyclists when the weather is 'bad'. It's like they think that since there's no way in Hell they'd ride during a rain shower that they have the right to run us down/clip when we ride.

    Glad to hear everything came out at least safely this time, and good luck for next time.

    Btw, nice mudflaps on those fenders. Did you make them? I've got some uber-fred triangle shaped ones I use on my bad weather bike.

    Happy Riding!

    -Frank (fellow CU 3.5 season rider lol)

  2. Thanks, yes they are a DIY from some plastic pots leftover from last years landscaping purchases. They've worked out better than I imagined. I mocked up the prototype from cardboard and used silicone and a ziptie to mount to the SKS P45 fenders.

    Happy trails!